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New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association


The NJ Geological and Water Survey is again generously providing Earth Science Week Toolkits to the first 50 Earth Science teachers making a request. To receive your kit, contact Chris Adair at and provide him with your name and address of your school. Please pass this along to other Earth & Space Science teachers.

This week National Earth Science Week will be held October 8-14, 2017. This year's theme is "Earth and Human Activity." This year's event, the 20th annual Earth Science Week celebration, promotes awareness of what geoscience tells us about human interaction with the planet's natural systems and processes.


October 11th is National Fossil Day! Our National Park Service has an art contest to coincide with the event. Details can be found here:


Rutgers Geology Museum has posted their list of fall events, which can be found here:


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National Earth Science Teachers Association Membership

Dear Science Teacher

As an Earth and Space Science Educator, we'd like to make you aware of the benefits of membership in the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA).   Through our resources and programs, joining NESTA provides one of the most cost effective ways of staying up to date with advances in Earth and space science education, and what works in the classroom! NESTA provides a supportive, resource-rich network for Earth and space science teachers across the country, reaching our members where they are with resources and services they need.  NESTA is the largest professional association representing Earth and space science K-12 teachers nationally, and is led by teachers for teachers.  We invite you to join NESTA today through our online membership interface at  Be sure to enter order code 1300, when you join! 

Each year, NESTA:

  • provides professional development workshops and lectures that serve thousands of K-12 Earth and space science teachers
    • NESTA is offering a new series of free webinars with PBS Nova on Earth system science - register for the first webinar (September 11, 6 pm Eastern time), on "Clouds, Precipitation and the Earth System" by Dr. Stephen Nesbitt of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois right away to be sure you get a spot!  
    • We're expanding our workshops and events to regional and state science education conferences, through our distributed leadership, to reach more teachers across the country
  • provides members dozens of quality classroom activities through our peer-reviewed quarterly journal, The Earth Scientist, as well as science updates (see our summer 2013 open-access issue on Earth system science)
  • provides monthly highlights of opportunities and resources for members through our electronic newsletter, NESTA ENews
  • provides periodic Special Alerts about new breaking opportunities for members, with a focus on those offering stipends and travel support
  • provides free access to high-quality Earth and space science content through our flagship educational website, Windows to the Universe, as well as a 50% discount on Educator Membership (only $10/yr for NESTA members!), which provides access to valuable special benefits and services
  • advocates for the importance of Earth and space science education nationally, and at the state level, through Congressional visits (coming up in September, with the geoscience community) as well as working in collaboration with other organizations and initiatives
  • supports development of and collaboration with state-based Earth and space science teacher associations

NESTA Membership is a Bargain!

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each month at your favorite coffee shop, or a night out for two at the movies, you can join NESTA, gaining access to all the benefits of membership and also provide vital support for our organization!

  • Membership in NESTA starts at only $30/year, including online access to The Earth Scientist, monthly E-News, Special Alerts, access to member-only sections of the NESTA website at, and full voting privileges. 
  • If you prefer to receive a print copy of TES, which includes occasional print poster inserts, you can include a print supplement to your membership, for a total of $50/yr, including all the benefits of NESTA membership described above.  Print supplement rates for members living in Mexico and Canada are slightly higher, due to mailing rates (and we regret that we can't mail TES to other countries, because mailing rates are prohibitive). 
  • For only $10/yr, you can add a Windows to the Universe Educator Membership to your NESTA membership, and get access to all member benefits to our 9000+ page website, including free access to over $230 work of formatted classroom activities, student worksheets, and ppts on the website.

Join online today, for immediate access to the benefits of NESTA membership, at  Be sure to enter Order Code 1300, just after you set your password for your account!

If you would rather not join online with a credit card you can renew by check or money order. Download the form at and send it in to our Membership Coordinator at the address shown on the form.